Friday, March 18, 2011


Ever since Ein was a widdle pup, he's had a huge fascination with socks. Mostly my socks, especially the nice pairs I like wearing to work! He loves to grab one right as I'm shutting the bedroom door because he knows he has a better chance of me not seeing him take it since I'm preoccupied with closing the door, turning off the lights, ect. Then he'll take it and hide it until I'm either all settled in on the couch or in the kitchen. Once the coast is clear, he'll grab the hidden sock, and start flipping it in the air and throwing it across the room by whipping his head around and letting the sock go mid-whirl. It last about 3-4 minutes, or until I notice he's more active that usual for someone not throwing one of his toys around for him to fetch. Then I get up to see him with one of my nice socks in his drooly little mouth. I don't even have to use words anymore to tell him he's been a bad boy. I just have to give him this look where I raise my eyebrows and sigh really loud. At this point, he drops the sock, puts his ears back, and slinks off towards the other side of the couch so he can hide his snout underneath it. He knows he did bad. I just laugh(silently, of course. No need to give myself away!), throw the sock and its sister into the hamper, give him a pat on the head, and move on. These sock raids don't happen as much as they did when he was a wee pup, and I think no matter how much he's trained he'll always have a sock fetish. It's a personality quirk I hate to love. Not only one, but TWO socks he got ahold of in this pic...

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  1. Winnie likes socks, too. They must smell really great or something. Who knows!?!