Friday, March 11, 2011


Ok, so I started a blog awhile back all about my life with my corgi, Ein. But me and the guy I bought him with went splitsville, and as soon as I expressed a want to keep the dog whom I alone had fed, bathed, taken to the vet, and walked at least twice daily the evil ex decided to keep him...and giving me NO visitation rights! Not very nice, sir!

That was about nine months ago. Fast forward to now: the evil ex can't take care of poor little Ein, and offers him to me as a sort of peace offering. Hells yes I will take my doggy back k thx!!! So now the almost two year old pup lives comfortably with me. He has more living space, better toys, the current boyfriend adores him and his extra large fuzzy ears, he has more room to walk outside since my new apartment has awesome fields nearby, and most importantly he's loved.

I don't think he was abused while he lived with the ex...I just think he was neglected...which can be abuse I suppose. Left to his own devices 22 hours a day he chewed a lot of things he shouldn't have, and even worse all the obedience training I'd worked on was lost. But so far since he's been with me and gets exercise and attention he hasn't chewed up a single thing! We're working on the "sit" command once again *le sigh*, but he's been a good boy, and I've been patient.

Here's the newest picture of him with my boyfriend Josh, who likes taking him for rides in his beat up old van he uses for hauling music equipment all over Columbus.

He loves the van. Josh thinks it's because Ein enjoys their "man-time" together. I think it's because he doesn't have to climb halfway up the door to hang his head out the window like he has to in my car. Either way, here's to a better blog, and an even better life with my first and only pup!

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