Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Feels Guilty

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, work has been hell lately. With my manager going on maternity leave and me trying to learn everything to take her place PLUS my usual job I've been exhausted and I don't always come home in the greatest of moods. I felt guilty to begin with leaving him home for the morning (my normal hours were 5:30am-noon), but now I add another two or three hours on to my regular shifts which puts me home a half hour before Josh gets there! I basically get home, turn a light on, switch shoes, and take Ein(who knows exactly what time it is and has been waiting by the door to go outside since I walked in) outside to do his business. I'm tired, it's still cold and blustery outside, and being pulled along for a long adventurous walk is not at the top of my "exciting things to do today" list. I'll admit, I do take him out for a longer walk later that evening. Usually we take a walk in the field, up the long hill to the mailbox, and then for another ten minute sniff around the creek. But he's soooo excited to see me when I get home, and maaaaaybe I'm not reciprocating as much as I should? From now on I'll make a valiant attempt to have more patience with the pup, and maybe make it a point to play a little more every day. After all, he's overjoyed to see me day in and day out, no exceptions...except when he's sleeping and I wake him up early in the mornings so I can have some coffee...he doesn't give a crap who's doing what at 4am! Seriously, what I come home to every day. 24/7. A face only a mommy could love!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Ever since Ein was a widdle pup, he's had a huge fascination with socks. Mostly my socks, especially the nice pairs I like wearing to work! He loves to grab one right as I'm shutting the bedroom door because he knows he has a better chance of me not seeing him take it since I'm preoccupied with closing the door, turning off the lights, ect. Then he'll take it and hide it until I'm either all settled in on the couch or in the kitchen. Once the coast is clear, he'll grab the hidden sock, and start flipping it in the air and throwing it across the room by whipping his head around and letting the sock go mid-whirl. It last about 3-4 minutes, or until I notice he's more active that usual for someone not throwing one of his toys around for him to fetch. Then I get up to see him with one of my nice socks in his drooly little mouth. I don't even have to use words anymore to tell him he's been a bad boy. I just have to give him this look where I raise my eyebrows and sigh really loud. At this point, he drops the sock, puts his ears back, and slinks off towards the other side of the couch so he can hide his snout underneath it. He knows he did bad. I just laugh(silently, of course. No need to give myself away!), throw the sock and its sister into the hamper, give him a pat on the head, and move on. These sock raids don't happen as much as they did when he was a wee pup, and I think no matter how much he's trained he'll always have a sock fetish. It's a personality quirk I hate to love. Not only one, but TWO socks he got ahold of in this pic...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Ordered Today...

CAR MAGNET!!!!! Pictures will follow when I get the darn thing. I hate waiting...

Friday, March 11, 2011


Ok, so I started a blog awhile back all about my life with my corgi, Ein. But me and the guy I bought him with went splitsville, and as soon as I expressed a want to keep the dog whom I alone had fed, bathed, taken to the vet, and walked at least twice daily the evil ex decided to keep him...and giving me NO visitation rights! Not very nice, sir!

That was about nine months ago. Fast forward to now: the evil ex can't take care of poor little Ein, and offers him to me as a sort of peace offering. Hells yes I will take my doggy back k thx!!! So now the almost two year old pup lives comfortably with me. He has more living space, better toys, the current boyfriend adores him and his extra large fuzzy ears, he has more room to walk outside since my new apartment has awesome fields nearby, and most importantly he's loved.

I don't think he was abused while he lived with the ex...I just think he was neglected...which can be abuse I suppose. Left to his own devices 22 hours a day he chewed a lot of things he shouldn't have, and even worse all the obedience training I'd worked on was lost. But so far since he's been with me and gets exercise and attention he hasn't chewed up a single thing! We're working on the "sit" command once again *le sigh*, but he's been a good boy, and I've been patient.

Here's the newest picture of him with my boyfriend Josh, who likes taking him for rides in his beat up old van he uses for hauling music equipment all over Columbus.

He loves the van. Josh thinks it's because Ein enjoys their "man-time" together. I think it's because he doesn't have to climb halfway up the door to hang his head out the window like he has to in my car. Either way, here's to a better blog, and an even better life with my first and only pup!