Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Itchy Corgi?

In the past few weeks Ein has been itching like CRAZY!!!!! Seriously, it's an all day/every day sorta thing. I gave him a bath a few weeks back, but it was with the same shampoo that I've always used. He has a flea collar, and I've checked him several times for fleas or any bugs, and he's always passed.
Is this just a dry skin thing? Does anyone else have this problem with their corgi where they have especially dry skin during certain months out of the year? The vet said it's possible just because its hot and he's sweating more than usual.
It's still kind of unnerving to wake up in the middle of the night to a five minute long scratching fest he's having at the foot of my bed...

Monday, June 27, 2011


I haven't really had a chance to be on here lately. To be honest I get all my e-mails sent to my phone, so I don't even usually break into my office at home unless I need something super specific to my computer.

Aaanyways, life has been on the up and up for me and the rest of the family. The boy and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. It was kinda quiet, we'd both had long work weeks, and with a car payment and other things going on that require a lot of money, presents and activities weren't really planned too much. I got him a few things, and I came home from work to find some beautiful flowers that have been making the whole apartment smell awesome since they got here.

Ein is being the best fur child ever! We discovered he does extremely well with long car rides as long as he can stop for a water break and a wee as soon as we get to wherever we're going. For the first five minutes of the drive he's all over the place, but as soon as we get on the freeway he plops himself down and either sleeps and just watches out the window.

We also discovered some treats that I thought would be good ideas since they looked fun and tasty. Turns out they upset his fuzzy tummy more than anything else...EVER!!! Serves me right for not reading up on them here first. What else are fellow bloggers for, if not to give their experiences on this sort of thing.

The boy and I are starting the super early beginning process of looking for a house. In the year that I've moved in with him we've almost outgrown this apartment, and since there are so many really nice houses in our price range right now with everything we're looking for, and for what the landlord is raping us for in rent/utilities, house searching gets better and better each day we find something new. I want a large kitchen and a big backyard for Ein and a garden. He wants a garage and a big basement for his recording studio. All very reasonable things to find with what we're willing to spend.

That's about all I got for now. With that, I leave you with an adorable picture of my snuggly fur baby trying to pose for his close up!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Fluffybutt!!!!

Ein is officially two years old now!!! It makes me a sad mommy to see him growing up so fast. Since I've had him, he's learned to sit on command, and he's become a master at begging for food of all kinds. He's my first dog ever, and I don't think I'll ever fully accept another breed like I do the Corgi.

He's about 8 months old in this pic. It was a few days after I'd gotten him, and he still didn't quite get the idea of why he needed to do his puppy business outside in the yard. But every time he had an accident he knew he'd done bad, and always tried to say he was sorry for it in his own way. Sometimes they just know when their humans are super frustrated and need a puppy nuzzle to make the day more bearable, huh?

Fast forward to his second birthday:

A fat and happy dog. This is his usual place next to my desk. His loyalty and love for me and Josh always amaze me!

Sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY EINSTEIN!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Couple of Weeks!

I just realised it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything! So much has happened in my life, I guess it all makes sense when I think about it.

To start with, my boss FINALLY had her baby! It's her first, and as I predicted she's decided not to come back to work at all. Which is fine by me. She was a good person, but maaaaaybe being in charge of an entire crucial area of a very busy downtown hotel just wasn't meant for her. With that being said, I went full time two weeks ago officially. They offered me full benefits, and free life insurance. I couldn't pass that up, no matter how stressful my days are. So although my hours went from 5am-11am to 5am-3pm-ish or later, I now have awesome health, vision, and dental insurance...which hasn't happened since I moved out of my parents house when I was 19.

Ein is taking it all very well. I felt really bad altering his poop schedule by a few hours, but I haven't had any accidents, and as long as I fill his water bowl up extra full before I leave for work he's usually okay by the time I get home.

The only different I noticed from him when I started getting all these extra hours was his eating habits. Maybe it's because he's getting older? Maybe it's because he's just tired of the same ol kibble day in/day out? Either way he just wasn't interested in his food the way he used to be, and he was loosing a bit of weight. Soooo I bought him some wet food, and every day or two I mix half dry and half wet together. He seems to enjoy that juuuuust fine (aka it's gone in about two minutes).

He got super bummed out the other day because I had to throw one of his beloved toys in the trash.

I bought him the alligator squeaky toy seen above, and it lasted a good two and a half weeks before he chewed the nub off the tail and ripped a hole clean through it's poor gator head! When I took it away and moved towards the garbage can he gave me those poor pitiful beggar eyes, but I have a feeling he would've attempted a gator snack and ended up at the vet if I had let him keep it for much longer!

To compensate him for his loss, Josh bought him two more squeaky balloon animal thingy. One is a bull, and for Easter he got a lamb. Both are cute, and Ein favors the lamby more...mostly because the squeaker in it is extra loud and scream-esque.

There's apparently a whole set of these little guys. I'm trying to collect em all. You can find them at !!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Feels Guilty

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, work has been hell lately. With my manager going on maternity leave and me trying to learn everything to take her place PLUS my usual job I've been exhausted and I don't always come home in the greatest of moods. I felt guilty to begin with leaving him home for the morning (my normal hours were 5:30am-noon), but now I add another two or three hours on to my regular shifts which puts me home a half hour before Josh gets there! I basically get home, turn a light on, switch shoes, and take Ein(who knows exactly what time it is and has been waiting by the door to go outside since I walked in) outside to do his business. I'm tired, it's still cold and blustery outside, and being pulled along for a long adventurous walk is not at the top of my "exciting things to do today" list. I'll admit, I do take him out for a longer walk later that evening. Usually we take a walk in the field, up the long hill to the mailbox, and then for another ten minute sniff around the creek. But he's soooo excited to see me when I get home, and maaaaaybe I'm not reciprocating as much as I should? From now on I'll make a valiant attempt to have more patience with the pup, and maybe make it a point to play a little more every day. After all, he's overjoyed to see me day in and day out, no exceptions...except when he's sleeping and I wake him up early in the mornings so I can have some coffee...he doesn't give a crap who's doing what at 4am! Seriously, what I come home to every day. 24/7. A face only a mommy could love!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Ever since Ein was a widdle pup, he's had a huge fascination with socks. Mostly my socks, especially the nice pairs I like wearing to work! He loves to grab one right as I'm shutting the bedroom door because he knows he has a better chance of me not seeing him take it since I'm preoccupied with closing the door, turning off the lights, ect. Then he'll take it and hide it until I'm either all settled in on the couch or in the kitchen. Once the coast is clear, he'll grab the hidden sock, and start flipping it in the air and throwing it across the room by whipping his head around and letting the sock go mid-whirl. It last about 3-4 minutes, or until I notice he's more active that usual for someone not throwing one of his toys around for him to fetch. Then I get up to see him with one of my nice socks in his drooly little mouth. I don't even have to use words anymore to tell him he's been a bad boy. I just have to give him this look where I raise my eyebrows and sigh really loud. At this point, he drops the sock, puts his ears back, and slinks off towards the other side of the couch so he can hide his snout underneath it. He knows he did bad. I just laugh(silently, of course. No need to give myself away!), throw the sock and its sister into the hamper, give him a pat on the head, and move on. These sock raids don't happen as much as they did when he was a wee pup, and I think no matter how much he's trained he'll always have a sock fetish. It's a personality quirk I hate to love. Not only one, but TWO socks he got ahold of in this pic...