Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Feels Guilty

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, work has been hell lately. With my manager going on maternity leave and me trying to learn everything to take her place PLUS my usual job I've been exhausted and I don't always come home in the greatest of moods. I felt guilty to begin with leaving him home for the morning (my normal hours were 5:30am-noon), but now I add another two or three hours on to my regular shifts which puts me home a half hour before Josh gets there! I basically get home, turn a light on, switch shoes, and take Ein(who knows exactly what time it is and has been waiting by the door to go outside since I walked in) outside to do his business. I'm tired, it's still cold and blustery outside, and being pulled along for a long adventurous walk is not at the top of my "exciting things to do today" list. I'll admit, I do take him out for a longer walk later that evening. Usually we take a walk in the field, up the long hill to the mailbox, and then for another ten minute sniff around the creek. But he's soooo excited to see me when I get home, and maaaaaybe I'm not reciprocating as much as I should? From now on I'll make a valiant attempt to have more patience with the pup, and maybe make it a point to play a little more every day. After all, he's overjoyed to see me day in and day out, no exceptions...except when he's sleeping and I wake him up early in the mornings so I can have some coffee...he doesn't give a crap who's doing what at 4am! Seriously, what I come home to every day. 24/7. A face only a mommy could love!!!

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