Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Couple of Weeks!

I just realised it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything! So much has happened in my life, I guess it all makes sense when I think about it.

To start with, my boss FINALLY had her baby! It's her first, and as I predicted she's decided not to come back to work at all. Which is fine by me. She was a good person, but maaaaaybe being in charge of an entire crucial area of a very busy downtown hotel just wasn't meant for her. With that being said, I went full time two weeks ago officially. They offered me full benefits, and free life insurance. I couldn't pass that up, no matter how stressful my days are. So although my hours went from 5am-11am to 5am-3pm-ish or later, I now have awesome health, vision, and dental insurance...which hasn't happened since I moved out of my parents house when I was 19.

Ein is taking it all very well. I felt really bad altering his poop schedule by a few hours, but I haven't had any accidents, and as long as I fill his water bowl up extra full before I leave for work he's usually okay by the time I get home.

The only different I noticed from him when I started getting all these extra hours was his eating habits. Maybe it's because he's getting older? Maybe it's because he's just tired of the same ol kibble day in/day out? Either way he just wasn't interested in his food the way he used to be, and he was loosing a bit of weight. Soooo I bought him some wet food, and every day or two I mix half dry and half wet together. He seems to enjoy that juuuuust fine (aka it's gone in about two minutes).

He got super bummed out the other day because I had to throw one of his beloved toys in the trash.

I bought him the alligator squeaky toy seen above, and it lasted a good two and a half weeks before he chewed the nub off the tail and ripped a hole clean through it's poor gator head! When I took it away and moved towards the garbage can he gave me those poor pitiful beggar eyes, but I have a feeling he would've attempted a gator snack and ended up at the vet if I had let him keep it for much longer!

To compensate him for his loss, Josh bought him two more squeaky balloon animal thingy. One is a bull, and for Easter he got a lamb. Both are cute, and Ein favors the lamby more...mostly because the squeaker in it is extra loud and scream-esque.

There's apparently a whole set of these little guys. I'm trying to collect em all. You can find them at !!!

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